Kit Stator Pickup Pulsar Coil + Ignition Source Coil for Yamaha YFM 200 225 250 Moto 4 1986-1991

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Ignition Source Coil Dimensions:
Height: 27 mm
Length: 35 mm
Width: 30 mm

Other Specifications:
Number of wires: 2
Number of terminals: 2
Wires length: 500 mm

Wire to Wire Resistance:
Red to White : 315 ohms +/-20%

Pickup Pulsar Coil Dimensions:
Height: 19 mm
Length: 23 mm
Width: 20 mm
Bracket center to center: 35 mm
Wires length : 915 mm

Other specifications:
Number of wires : 2
Number of pins: 2

Wire to wire resistance:
Black to Grey = 200 ohms+/-20%
Ignition Source Coil:
Step 1 : Take the ignition cover off. Are the remplacement parts similar?
Compare the replacement part to the original. The remplacement part should match, including the mounting hole locations, If not: Double check the application listing with your bike.
Step 2 :Take note of the wire colors of the original stator wires and disconnect them from the wiring loom.
Step 3: Remove the flywheel using a proper puller tool.
Step 4: Remove the baseplate with the original coil.
Step 5: Remove the screws that secure the coil and take the coil off.
Step 6: Cut the original wire close to the original coil. Take a good look at how the wire is connected to the coil.
Connections: Connect the old wire up to the new coil. Use a soldering iron and resin core solder. (the type used in electrical applications).
Step 7: Mount the coil onto the baseplate, fit the screws using locking compound on the threads and TIGHTEN THE SCREWS SECURELY!
Step 8: Refit the stator baseplate. Ensure the wires CANNOT TOUCH THE FLYWHEEL! (especially on the inside of the flywheel)
Step 9: Refit the flywheel. Tighten the bolt to specified torque.
Step 10: Fit the ignition cover.

Engine will not start: Sometimes the source coil wires are reversed. Swap the connections, re-solder the wires and the engine should start. If the engine still does not start, and before calling technical support, performs a few basic tests:
1) Re-check the connections. Make sure you carefully solder the connections. Twisting wires together or taping wires will cause engine inoperability.
2) Check the engine for spark
3) Is fresh fuel in the gas tank?

If you still cannot get the engine to start, have all your testing information ready for a technician prior calling.

Pick Up Pulsar Coil :
Not following these instructions may result in damaging the part or other components on your vehicle.
  • By using a small soldering iron weld the wires to the ones on your OEM wiring harness.
  • Insulate your solders with heat shrink.
  • Before attempting to start your vehicle, adjusting the air gap is necessary for certain models.
  • Rotate the fly wheel by hand so the raised node is lined up with the pick up /pulsar coil and adjust as close as possible, but no less than 0.010’’.
  • If no spark or erratic spark, switch the wires at the plug.

Kit Brand New Pick Up Pulsar Coil + Ignition Source Coil

  • Often unavailable from the OEM manufacturer
  • All shipped products are tested

All item pictures are accurate; if in doubt, do not hesitate to compare our item to your original part.

We offer a brand new ignition source coil for you to repair your stator.
  • Highest grade of lamination materials
  • Highest grade of copper winding, resistant to 200 degrees celcius
  • Works with all other OEM parts
Brand new pick up coil 200 ohms
  • We offer a brand new pickup/pulsar coil for you to repair your stator
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