Pickup Pulsar Coil for Yamaha Apex 1000 / Apex 1000 X-TX 2011-2017 | XVS Stryker / V Star / Tourer 1300 2010-2017

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Height: 20 mm
Length: 23 mm
Width: 19 mm
Bracket center to center: 35 mm
Wires length : 900 mm

Other specifications:
Number of wires : 2
Number of pins: 2

Wire to wire resistance: Black to Grey = 270 ohms +/-20%

Not following these instructions may result in damaging the part or other components on your vehicle.

  • By using a small soldering iron weld the wires to the ones on your OEM wiring harness.
  • Insulate your solders with heat shrink.
  • Before attempting to start your vehicle, adjusting the air gap is necessary for certain models.
  • Rotate the flywheel by hand so the raised node is lined up with the pick up /pulsar coil and adjust as close as possible, but no less than 0.010".
  • If no spark or erratic spark, switch the wires at the plug.

Brand new pick up coil 270 ohms

Many Yamaha snowmobile owners received the mechanical diagnostic code Code 12 - Faulty Crankshaft Position Sensor from their on-board computer. This error code indicates that the position sensor connected to the stator is broken and that it cannot send the correct signal to the CDI box, which manage electrical distribution through the vehicle.

The solution proposed by Yamaha dealers is to replace the complete stator at prices around 400$;

Our Crankshaft Position Sensor allow you to replace only the part that is broken without changing the complete stator for 88% less expensive than the dealers solution's price.

  • We offer a brand new pickup/pulsar coil for you to repair your stator.
  • Often unavailable from the OEM manufacturer
  • All products shipped are tested

*All item pictures are accurate; if in doubt do not hesitate to compare our item to your original part.

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