High Output Stator + AC Regulator for Honda XR 400 R XR 650 R 1996-2007 | OEM Repl.# 31120-KCY-671 / 31120-MBN-671

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If you would like to use this stator to add a battery to your bike, you will need a single phase voltage regulator rectifier.

We recommend our RM03900 regulator.

Battery condition is extremely important. No stator can work correctly with a bad or weak battery. Always fully charge your battery before performing any charging system tests or replacing parts. If there is any doubt, have the battery load tested or replaced.


High Output Stator 200 W

Interior diameter: 53 mm
Exterior diameter: 115 mm
Thickness: 14 mm

Length of wires stator to grommet : 50 mm
Length of wires grommet to plug : 600 mm
Length of pickup coil's wire to grommet : 85 mm

Other specifications:
Number of wires : 8
Number of plugs : 7
Number of pins: 8

Wire to wire resistance:
Alternator : Green to White = 0.2 ohms+/-20%
Pick up : Blue/yellow to Green/red = 250 ohms+/-20%
Source : Black/Red to Brown = 100 ohms+/-20%

Heavy Duty AC Voltage Regulator Rectifier

Dimensions :
Width : 45 mm
Length : 45 mm
Height: 20 mm

Other specifications :
Number of pins : 2
Minimum Charging Voltage: 13 V +/- 0.5 V
Maximum Charging Current: 6 A - 10 A / 50 W - 200 W
Open Circuit Voltage: <15 V
Operation Temperature: -20⁰ to 85⁰

Please note : this regulator has two wires, yellow to power and black to ground.

200 W High Efficiency Stator

  • Direct replacement for your original unit
  • Plug-and-play, direct fit, easy installation
  • Highest quality lamination materials
  • Highest quality copper windings, resistant to 200 degrees Celsius.
  • Pulsar pickup coil included
  • Connector included
  • Rubber grommet included
  • All products shipped are tested

Heavy Duty AC Voltage Regulator Rectifier

  • 12 Volt regulator used by Baja winners.
  • Robust and improved regulator rectifier.
  • For use with all standard halogen and quartz lamps.
  • Precise tension control, eliminates light burnout.
  • Reduce flickering and dimming
  • Simple setup.
  • Works with all other OEM parts.
  • Rated power of 225 watts.
  • All products are tested before shipping.


All item images are accurate; if in doubt, do not hesitate to compare our article to your original part.

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