Stator Crankcase Cover Gasket for Arctic Cat 400 Manual Suzuki LTF 400 Eiger / KingQuad Manual 2002-2021

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PLEASE NOTE: This product will not fit automatic transmissions, but only the manual models. The gasket for the automatic models is RM08035

A gasket is not just a gasket

You wouldn’t use the same oil filter twice, would you? Why even consider keeping the same gasket then? When reinstalling a used gasket, it has lost some of its key abilities: it has already been compressed, weakening its sealing capability. It might also have suffered from heat, deformation, peeling, or other abuses. Remarks and related documents: Specifications values determined by the test methods required for ASTM F-104, type 7 materials.

Are your gaskets built to OEM specs?

Regular aftermarket gaskets use a variety of cheap materials that offer inconsistent sealing results. RMSTATOR performance gaskets comply with the same standard as the OEM parts. We use the materials prescribed by the standard on every gasket and make sure the properties are the same.

Our gasket has a fully cured styrene butadiene rubber binder and a blend or aramid and cellulose fibers. It il intended for oil and water applications with short duration maximum temperatures up 290°C (550°F). *Nonasbestos gasket material.

What makes the difference

Higher material density
Our enhanced gaskets have less probability of leaking at the same pressure.

Maximum temperature

Our enhanced gasket material will keep its sealing properties at higher temperature.

Minimum flange pression
Our enhanced gaskets require less force to be applied on the metal part to seal through imperfections.

Minimum tensile strenght

Our enhanced gaskets will resist internal pressure better.

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