Nippon Denso Internal Voltage Regulator for Triumph Kawasaki Suzuki Yamaha Motorcycle 1985-2014

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Please note that there are multiple regulators for some Triumph vehicles. Please refer to the note below to make sur you purchase the right part.

Tiger 885 1993 to 1998 This part is the replacement for Tiger 885 with a VIN LOWER than 71698. For VIN 71699 to 124105, please refer to OEM T1300021.

Trophy Standard 1991 to 2004 This part is the replacement for Trophy Standard with a VIN LOWER than 29155 or HIGHER than 29156 with a 25 amp alternator. For models with a VIN higher than 29156 and a 40 amp alternator, refer to OEM T1300021

Speed Triple 1994 to 2018 : This part will only fit on Street Triple with a a carburator. If you vehicle has a VIN between 210445 and 461331, please refer to OEM T1304045. If your vehicle has a VIN between 461332 and 499573 and a non ABS version, refer to OEM T1300165. If your vehicle has a VIN between 461332 and 499956 and a ABS version, refer to OEM T1301564. If you vehicle has a VIN BETWEEN 141872 and 210444, refer to part # RM30507 / RMS022-106230. If you vehicle has a VIN lower than 141871, please refer to OEM T1300021. If your vehicle has a VIN higher than 499574 and a Non ABS version or higher than 499957 and a ABS version, please refer to part # RM30506 / RM30506H / RMS022-105928 / RMS023-106203 / RMS023-107140.

Battery condition is extremely important. No voltage regulator can work correctly with a bad or weak battery. Always fully charge your battery before performing any charging system tests or replacing parts. If there is any doubt, have the battery load tested or replaced.

Dimensions :
Thickness : 0.9 mm
Length : 77 mm
Height: 0.9 mm
Wires length: 140 mm

Other specifications :
Number of plugs : 2
Number of wires : 2

    Step 1:
  • Remove the (3) 8mm nuts securing the cover of the alternator.
    Step 2:
  • Remove the (4) Phillips Head bolts securing the regulator bracket.
    Step 3:
  • Remove the (2) Phillips Head bolts securing the regulator.
  • Using a soldering iron, heat the 2 connections, and gently pry the regulator loose using a blunt flathead screwdriver.
    Step 4:
  • Install the RM31000 regulator using included mounting hardware.
  • Install red wire on top of existing red wire.
  • Install black wire to upper right mounting screw.
  • Route wires carefully to clear. Reinstall alternator cover.

When installation is complete, test for correct operation with a multimeter. Set meter to DC Voltage, and connect to battery terminals. Measure correct battery voltage at idle (12.0-13.0 VDC). Start engine, and monitor battery voltage while increasing RPM. At 4000+ RPM, battery voltage should rise to limit at 14.4-14.6 VDC.

It's time to upgrade your alternator!

The Nippon Denso motorcycle alternator is an excellent unit, used on many makes & models of motorcycles. It is compact and powerful, and usually requires no maintenance. The only downfall of the original units is the voltage regulator unit. The original regulators often fail allowing overcharging, or no charging at all. When they allow overcharging, they fail by permanently energizing the field coil, a quick way to destroy an expensive piece of your alternator.

We come to the rescue with an advanced voltage regulator for the Nippon Denso alternator. We use a modern single Integrated Circuit (IC) chip to accurately control your alternator field coil. This results in a higher charging voltage, longer lasting battery, and more reliable unit. Our unit offers precise voltage regulation, short circuit protection, reverse battery protection, and has a thermal safety shutdown to protect the alternator. Our easy 2-wire installation makes this upgrade a must for your motorcycle!

Brand new voltage regulator

  • RM31000 is a regulator that replaces the internal regulator inside Nippon Denso alternators.
  • This alternator is commonly used on certain Suzuki GSX-R models, on Yamaha FJ models, and Kawasaki Ninja models between 1984 up to now.
  • Even though RM31000 looks different compared to the stock regulator, it fits perfectly
  • All products shipped are tested

There are several advantages of choosing our regulator :

  • MUCH better heat sinking capability and incorporates a thermal overload circuit. This circuit is important because it shuts down the regulator if the alternator rotor is shorted, a problem that is very common now. Typically the OEM voltage regulator dies when the rotor shorts out.
  • Our RM31000 voltage regulator is better to the stock one and will most likely outlast the alternator it is installed in!

*All item pictures are accurate, if in doubt do not hesitate and compare our item to your original part.

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