Flywheel Rotor for Polaris Sportsman 600 Carb 2003 2004 | Sportsman 700 Carb 2002 2003 2004 | OEM Repl. # 4060152

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2002-2004 Sportsman 600/700 (2004 models only built before 02/23/2003)

This flywheel only works with the stator for the factory AC ignition system by Ducati. You can identify this system by the combined CDI/ignition coil unit mounted in front of the headlight. It will have 2 spark plug wires exiting the unit, with the stator plugged directly into it.


Exterior Diameter: 168 mm
Interior Diameter: 109 mm
Interior Diameter Center Housing: 28 mm
Exterior Diameter Center Housing: 38 mm
Thickness (exterior): 52 mm
Thickness (interior): 42 mm

Before attempting to start your Polaris, adjusting the air gap is necessary. Rotate the flywheel so the raised node is lined up with the pick up/pulser coil and adjust as close as possible but no less than 0.010".

Introducing our newest Heavy Duty Flywheel Rotor For Polaris 600 & 700cc ATVs.

Anyone who rides or repairs the Polaris 600 & 700cc ATVs is probably familiar with the flywheel problems common to these models. Most of these bikes will have at least one flywheel failure in their lifetime so far. Low quality epoxy was used on OEM flywheels to secure the magnets to the rotor body. Over time and many heat cycles, the epoxy fails allowing the magnets to come loose and contact the stator, potentially causing catastrophic damage.

For years, service shops & dealerships have offered low cost repairs for Polaris flywheels to save the 400$+ OEM replacement. This sounds like a great idea at first, but there are some serious issues!

The common repair is using JB Weld© Marine Blue Epoxy to reattach the loose original magnets, or to install new ones. Epoxy fixes do repair flywheels in short term, if they are done correctly. However, this kind of repair can easily cause immediate problems, and impact long term reliability of your ATV.

A Heavy Duty Flywheel to the rescue!

New RMSTATOR heavy-duty flywheel rotor for Polaris ATVs is a well-priced solution to problems with the OEM flywheel, and an excellent alternative to all the mechanical troubles you can encounter with a repair.


  • Built to OEM size
    Fits precisely in your ride: install it and forget it.

  • Improved epoxy
    Uses high temperature epoxy that is stronger than OEM, eliminating the possibility of magnet detachment.

  • High grade steel capping
    Prevents harsh additives in motor oil from degrading the epoxy attaching the magnets. Though extremely unlikely, if a magnet did ever come loose, it would remain in the sleeve preventing contact with the stator.

  • Precise balancing
    Eliminates crankshaft vibrations for longer engine longevity.

  • Shop with confidence
    One year warranty. All products are tested.

Don't waste time with temporary solutions, and start fixing your ride like a pro!

Why cheap repairs won't work?

Quick stronger epoxy fixes do repair flywheels in short term. It might however impair long term performance and reliability of your ride.

Remaining OEM magnets:
Original magnets remaining can still come loose at any time.

Magnet alignment:
The alignment of magnets around the flywheel is critical for proper stator operation. Even very fine misalignment will reduce stator efficiency significantly.

Magnet spacing:
Excessive epoxy or incorrect magnet spacing around the flywheel can easily affect the flywheel balance. This can cause stator contact or even crankshaft damages.

Incorrect replacement magnets:
The magnetic field strength of new magnets MUST match the originals. Stator failure can occur quickly with stronger magnets and stator output can be decreased significantly using weaker magnets.

Wrong epoxy properties:
Epoxy that is not rated to permanently handle high temperatures and oil immersion can quickly cause a serious failure.

Oil contamination:
Wrong epoxy for the application can also contaminate the crankcase oil, damaging the motor.

All these reasons make us strongly recommend that you replace your broken flywheel with a new 400+ OEM one or our new heavy duty flywheel.

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