Universal Automatic IP65 Smart Battery Charger 12V / 5A / 100W

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Weight: 0.85lb
Size: 5.9x2.75x2.16 in
Category: Smart&Automatic 4 stage
Charger Battery Compatibility: 12 Volt SLA GEL AGM VRLA WET Battery, compatible LiFePO4 batteries
Charger Output Amperage: 0.75-5.0
Charging Battery(Ah): 15-120
Charging Time(Hrs): 3-24
Battery indicator: 4LEDS for 25% 50% 75% 100% battery
Housing Material: PC Plastic
Input Voltage: 100-240Vac
Maximum Charging Current: 5.0A

Brand New 12V 5Amp 100W Smart Battery Charger

  • Battery Type Diversification: Our 12V 5Amp car battery charger is designed for charging car/motorcycle/marine starter/lawn mover batteries such as Pb/SLA/VRLA/GEL/AGM Lead acid battery
  • Long battery life: Utilize latest digital power supply technology with programmed MCU controller, it is fully automatic smart charger, using a timer while top charging voltage without overheat and overcharge, maximum your battery life.
  • MCU controlled: 12V 5Amp is a 100W smart battery charger by MCU controlled with 4 stage fully automatic charging process for added precision timer.
  • IP65 waterproof: The waterproof cover makes you use the charger everywhere.
  • Like all Battery chargers, once the battery has reached a 100% charge, its output voltage goes to a safe, storage/float level that eliminates the need to worry about the damaging effects of overcharging. If/when the battery voltage drops too far under load, output power will begin again bringing you battery back to a fully charged state.
  • Reversed Hook-up Protection
  • Sparkproof
  • Quick Disconnect Harness
  • All products are tested

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