Improved Voltage Regulator Rectifier for Honda ATC 200 TRX 200 1982 1983 1984

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Battery condition is extremely important. No voltage regulator can work correctly with a bad or weak battery. Always fully charge your battery before performing any charging system tests or replacing parts. If there is any doubt, have the battery load tested or replaced.

Dimensions :
Width : 55 mm
Length : 67 mm
Height: 22 mm
Fixation holes center to center : 55 mm
Wires length: 140 mm

Other specifications :
Number of wires : 4
Number of plugs : 1
Number of pins : 4
Minimum Charging Voltage: 14.5 V +/- 0.5 V
Maximum Charging Current: 25 A - 35 A / 300 W - 500 W
Open Circuit Voltage: 15 V
Operation Temperature: -20⁰ to 85⁰
Before installing your new voltage regulator rectifier;
  • Check the AC output of the stator.
  • Replace any burned or corroded connectors on stator and regulator/rectifier
  • Check and repair any melted wiring.
  • Use hi-temp dielectric grease on all connectors.

On a 12 volt 2 wire stator, connect the green and yellow wire, along with the white and green wire, to both yellow AC wires of the regulator. Then, connect the red (positive) and black (negative) wires to your motorcycle’s wiring. On a POSITIVE ground vehicle, the red goes on the ground, and the black to the battery’s negative terminal. On a NEGATIVE ground vehicle, the black wire goes on the ground, and the red wire goes to the battery’s positive terminal. Figure 1

If your stator is a 6 volt 3 wire one, join the green and black wire to the green and yellow one to convert the power to 12 volt. Then connect those wires to a yellow AC wire, and connect the stator’s green and white wire to the other yellow AC wire. Now, connect the red (positive) and black (negative) wires to your vehicle’s wiring according to the 12 volt example above. REMEMBER TO CHANGE YOUR LIGHT BULBS, COILS AND BATTERY TO 12 VOLTS! Figure 2

If you wish to reduce your motorcycle’s wiring, you can install this box to take out the rectifier and Zener diode. The built-in capacitor allows your bike to start easily and allows you to get rid of the battery if used with a points ignition. You can still keep your battery, but you can sleep tight, knowing that your vehicle will still start no matter if your battery is dead or low. You can use it alongside 2 and 3 wire alternator, or to convert 6V alternators to 12V by connecting any of the 3 wires of the alternator to this unit and change your light bulbs to 12V.

*Note that this unit does contain a capacitor unlike some other products listed on eBay. **Because single and three phase boxes are very sensitive, you will need to put 5000 ohm spark plug caps. Otherwise, they will be overloaded.

Figure 1

Figure 2

Brand new 35 AMP voltage regulator rectifier

  • Direct replacement to your original unit.
  • Plug-and-play, direct fit, easy installation.
  • Improved heat sink and charging capabilities
  • No assembly required
  • Higher grade of electric components.
  • The quality exceeds the OEM equipment
  • All products shipped are tested

We have even included the opposite connector (main harness side) as we know these are often melted / corroded / defective and a major cause of repetitive electrical issues.

All item pictures are accurate, if in doubt, do not hesitate and compare our item to your original part.

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