RMSTATOR Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) Policy

Effective: April 1st, 2023


9154-3157 Quebec inc., d/b/a RM Stator ("RMSTATOR") takes great pride in designing & manufacturing more efficient parts and innovative solutions, providing all the information necessary for an easy and reliable installation, and supporting the customer before, during, and after the sale. The end users buy our products to make their electrical problem disappear permanently. RMSTATOR has concluded that certain types of advertising can affect our goodwill and is damaging the brand awareness that RMSTATOR products have achieved. Therefore, RMSTATOR has established a Minimum Advertised Price ("MAP") policy.


  • Uphold RMSTATOR product positioning in the market.
  • Ensure consistent, value-based relationships with our partners.
  • Strategically position the RMSTATOR brand against competitors.
  • Promote a consistent nationwide advertising campaign.


This policy covers all business partners – including retailers, distributors, and dealers – regardless of their direct affiliation with RMSTATOR. Herein, they'll be referred to as "Partners."


  1. MAP Products List: RMSTATOR will regularly update a list of products subject to this MAP Policy and reserves the right to modify this list as needed.
  2. Advertised Prices: This policy solely governs the advertised prices of MAP Products, not their actual sale prices.
  3. MSRP Recommendations: While partners are encouraged to adhere to the MSRP list to uphold brand reputation, they retain the autonomy to set their own advertised prices. Non-compliance may result in RMSTATOR reconsidering the business relationship. RMSTATOR reserves the right of terminating their business relationship with a Partner who chooses not to abide by the MAP Policy.
  4. Definition of Advertising: "Advertising," for the purposes of this policy, encompasses any promotion via authorized media, such as flyers, posters, catalogs, electronic media, TV, radio, and public signage. Specific website features, such as "Click for price", automatic price displays, and similar features are deemed advertising. Conversely, "Call for Price" prompts are MAP-compliant.
  5. Promotional Periods: Partners can adjust their advertised prices during RMSTATOR-specified promotional periods, as long as they remain at or above the designated ‘Promotional’ price levels.


  • No Agreements: RMSTATOR does not seek, nor will it accept, any written or oral, formal, or informal, agreement with any of its Partners regarding the prices that a Partner may advertise or charge at any time for the RMSTATOR 's products.
  • Strict Compliance: All RMSTATOR staff are unauthorized to alter or make exceptions to this policy. Violations of this MAP Policy will be strictly enforced. RMSTATOR personnel have no authority to discuss, modify, or grant exceptions to this MAP Policy.
  • Monitoring and Consequences: RMSTATOR can determine, as its own discretion, whether to continue to do business with a Partner-distributor who chooses not to abide by the MAP Policy. Compliance will be monitored by RMSTATOR. Violations will result in:

    • First offense: RMSTATOR will contact the Partner-distributor via e-mail, telephone or letter and remind them of the MAP Policy and identify the nature of the violation. The partner will be asked to correct its advertising.
    • Second offense: RMSTATOR will send a final notice and Partner will be required to correct its advertising immediately.
    • Third offense: These actions may include but are not limited to; loss of authorized dealer status (resulting in loss of tech and warranty assistance for the dealer's customers), cease and desist letter prohibiting use of the Company's intellectual property (i.e. logos, images, etc.), the dealer being placed on a do not sell list, and/or all other necessary

Contact Information

For queries or reports regarding this policy, contact the policy administrator at customercare@rmstator.com. The policy administrator will be responsible for determining whether a violation of the policy occurred, communicating decisions to Partner regarding the MAP Policy and receiving any other communications related to the policy.


RMSTATOR reserves the right to modify this MAP Policy, including adding or removing products from its scope, at its discretion.