Voltage Peak Reading Adapter DVA Adapter for Multimeter Probes

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Install peak volt reading adapter to positive and negative leads of the multimeter. Be sure to put your meter on the DC volts scale in order to get proper readings.

Brand New Peak Reading Adapter / DVA Adapter

Here at RMSTATOR our goal is to get our customers running again, sometimes that includes long conversations over phone and email troubleshooting their problems.
Often our customers are only equipped with a common multimeter, this is a good start but useless as you cannot read peak voltage output.
Stators may fail in various ways, most common is the windings shorting to ground either directly or to the coil that interfaces with the ignition. But there are other ways. Coils can short internally which gives good resistance but essentially fewer windings giving low voltage output.
The other way a good stator cannot provide power is if the rotating magnets in the flywheel are dead.
We finally have come out with the tool that you can simply attach to your multimeter and will allow you to test peak voltage with your common multimeter.

How it works
A DVA adaptor is also known as a peak reading adaptor.
Small engine ignition systems use permanent magnets to make electricity. This electricity travels down the wires very quickly and in "spikes" so to speak.
What a DVA does is capture those "spikes" and allows a standard digital multimeter to read those voltages.
Without a DVA adaptor, a multimeter will either record a low voltage, or no voltage at all.
Power sport ignition systems work on "peak" voltages, which is why a DVA is known as a "peak reading" adaptor.
Multimeters read average voltages, not peak, so that is what our adaptor allows you to do.
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