Kit Stator + Pickup Pulsar Coil for Suzuki RM 125 RM 250 1994-2001

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Dimensions Stator :
Interior diameter: 28mm
Exterior diameter: 57mm
Thickness: 15mm
Length of wires stator to terminals: 600mm

Other specifications:
Number of wires: 4
Number of plugs: 0
Number of terminals: 4

Wire to wire resistance:
Source 1 : Red to White = 28 ohms +/-20%
Source 2 : Yellow to Yellow = 0.4 ohms +/- 20%

Dimensions Pickup Pulsar Coil:
Height: 25mm
Length: 22mm
Width: 18mm
Bracket center to center: 35mm
Wires length : 90mm

Other specifications:
Number of wires : 2
Number of pins: 2

Wire to wire resistance:
Pink/Red to White = 100ohms+/-20%

Before installing your new stator

  • Solder RED wire from RM01293 stator to original BLACK/RED
  • Solder WHITE wire from RM01293 stator to original WHITE/RED
  • The two yellow wires for the RM01293 stator are provided for late model RM's that require a power valve supply. If your bike does not have these two wires, you have two options :

A) Simply cut the wires and insulate them so they cannot short out
B) Use it for a low wattage light. To do this, you must route the two yellow wires through the stator harness

Note : When bolting stator in always use locking compound.

Pickup Pulsar Coil :

  • By using a small soldering iron weld the wires to the ones on your wiring harness.
  • Insulate your solders with heat shrink.
  • Before attempting to start your vehicle, adjusting the air gap is necessary for certain models.
  • Rotate the fly wheel by hand so the raised node is lined up with the pick up /pulsar coil and adjust as close as possible, but no less than 0.010’’.
  • If no spark or erratic spark, switch the wires at the plug.

Brand New Kit Stator + Pickup Pulsar Coil

  • You must re-install your original connector and grommet (see picture)
  • Once your connector and grommet is re-installed, our part becomes a plug-and-play unit, direct fit, and very easy to install
  • Pickup pulsar coil included (separate)
  • Higher grade of electric components
  • Highest grade of copper winding, resistant to 200 degrees Celsius
  • All shipped products are tested

All item pictures are accurate; if in doubt, do not hesitate to compare our item to your original part.

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